In this first post of the new year, we are happy to report that the update paper on BioGPS and is now published in the Nucleic Acids Research Database issue:

Screenshot from 2013-01-28 16:05:41

This paper highlights the exciting updates on BioGPS since our first paper was published in 2009. These improvements result from contributions by both our users and our team of BioGPS developers. As some evidence of this success, we have seen steady growth of BioGPS in the past two years:

BioGPS usage is measured using Google Analytics and our internal logging systems. Each month, we currently have average more than 155 000 page views from ~13 500 unique users. For comparison, those numbers grew steadily from 100 000 monthly pageviews and 7000 unique users in 2009. More than 5000 users have registered for a BioGPS user account (up from 900 in 2009).

In this new year, we are working hard to bring you even more exciting new features into BioGPS. So stay tuned!

(As a side note, I found reading the paper using PubReader to be much easier on the eyes. Give it a try!