Migration update — Done! BioGPS.org is live now.

Our migration is done! Our new site BioGPS.org is now live. Please bookmark this new address. All traffic to biogps.gnf.org (our old site) will redirect you to BioGPS.org so that your existing bookmarks will continue to work.

User accounts that have not been migrated are now disabled. If you still want to re-enable your existing account, please email us and we will help you out. Alternatively, you can always just sign up for a new account with BioGPS.

If you encounter any issues with our new site, feel free to let us know.


  1. hey, first thanks for the great site.
    i have a problem finding the expression profile of a gene,
    i just looked for CBS, gene identifiers are visible, but for the gene expression the page says error: server can’t be found – server at plugins.gnf.org could not be found (hope it’s translated understandably)
    do i need some new plugin to get the page running correctly? (since the %.gnf.org isn’t working anymore anyways…
    am a bit confused,
    thanks for your help in advance


    • Andrew

      Hello, we are seeing some sporadic issues with the server that is displaying
      expression data. Generally it seems like the outages last 10-15 minutes at a
      time. We’re still researching the cause and solution.


  2. Simon Andrews

    There is still a problem with the new site. Our DNS isn’t able to resolve plugins.gnf.org which is referenced by the main expression chart. We can see the CNAME change to bioinf-ext01.gnf.org but that then fails to resolve.

    Some web based tools are still able to resolve plugins.gnf.org (, but maybe they’re holding onto an old set of information which hasn’t expired yet?

    Either way, the BioGPS is currently not usable from within the UK BBSRC network.

    • Hi Simon, thanks for the very detailed bug report. We’ve also noted the DNS problem that you report, even a few times over the last few days while I was away at a conference. Typically we find that the problem only lasts a short time (10-15 minutes) and often fixes itself once the local DNS entry is refreshed. As you can imagine, these characteristics make this problem very frustrating to debug. Nevertheless, we are working hard on it. Can you tell us if your DNS issue is constant and persistent? We’d appreciate your help with debugging, either here on the forum or through help@biogps.org.


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