Following on the last post about our upcoming presentation at Bio-IT World, I realized that I should also highlight two other upcoming presentations. These two presentations will be on the Gene Wiki, and specifically on our efforts to mine novel gene annotations out of Gene Wiki data.

On March 29 in Orlando, I will be chairing and speaking at the session on data mining at SBS 2011. The session is titled “Target Mining: Interpretation and Annotation, Data Analysis, Deorphaning”, and the focus will be on mining large scale data from next-gen sequencing, gene expression, compound profiling, and other large data sets (like the Gene Wiki). (See discount program.)

A bit further down the road on July 15 and 16 in Vienna, I will be giving a keynote presentation at the Bio-Ontologies SIG at the ISMB/ECCB conference. This year’s Bio-Ontologies program has a particular focus on bio-wikis, and specifically on the intersection and successes at the interfaces with ontologies.

While these two presentations will have more of a Gene Wiki focus, I’m planning on working in some plugs for BioGPS as well. In any case, I’m looking forward to sharing our take on community intelligence in biology.