Like any web development team, we here at BioGPS look at web analytics a lot. We look at trends in BioGPS usage statistics in the context of page views, users, geographic locations, etc., and we learn useful insights for our development effort.

But to be sure BioGPS is addressing the community’s needs, we need even more feedback. In short, we need you to volunteer. Getting direct feedback from real users is an essential component of usability testing, which in turn is a critical step in successful web development.

We are looking for users spanning the entire range of experience with BioGPS, from complete newbies, to occasional users, to frequent “power users”.

What will we ask you to do? Our usability test will be conducted completely online using web meeting tools. You’ll be working on your own browser on your own computer. We’ll see your screen as you use BioGPS, and we’ll ask you to think aloud while you’re doing it. You can either do the things you normally do on BioGPS, or we may ask you to accomplish specific tasks.

Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping to improve BioGPS, we’ll also send you a BioGPS mascot for your time.

To volunteer, please send an email to