BioGPS is now an iPhone App!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got some exciting news for you. BioGPS is no longer constrained to full-size desktop or laptop computers. Now you can fit the world’s most powerful gene annotation portal in your pocket! Introducing the BioGPS App for iPhone® and iPod touch®, available for Free on the iTunes App Store.

We collaborated with the team at In Situ Mobile Designs, LLC to bring the knowledge of the genome to you, wherever you are. Never be stuck again, needing to trek from your lab bench back to your desk, only to look up something simple.

This is our first version, so for now you can only use the standard set of layouts. We’ve got a lot of improvements planned for the app, still yet to come. Give us your feedback and let us know what you’d like to see most. Enjoy!

[Ed. note: If you like the iPhone app, be sure to rate it in the App Store. Unless we get a substantial user feedback (minimum of, say, 100 ratings), then it’s unlikely we’ll spend more development effort on it… Of course, five-star ratings are preferred…]


  1. Anonymous

    Many thanks for this app!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Works nicely. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    Very good idea! Please don't forget us with android phones 🙂

  4. I left a good review because it deserves it! I love having this capability on my phone right there in a purpose-built app! Thanks a lot!!

  5. Anonymous

    So cool!

  6. yea, an android port would be very nice!

    best, andreas


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