Anyone else getting completely bogged down by a mad flurry of year-end activity? I’m very behind on blog posts at the moment, so much that we have new features and initiatives that are already implemented, just waiting for the “official announcement”. Rather than wait any longer, here are the quick hits, to be followed later (probably early next year) with more detailed posts.

  • Plugin registration is now live! If you’ve created an account, go to the plugin library and click the “add your own plugin” link. Share your gene-centric resource with the rest of the BioGPS community. (Already four new plugins by people who stumbled upon this link!)
  • Two new communication methods! All bug reports, comments, discussions can now go to our BioGPS Google Group. Also, for users of Friendfeed (which has an active group for life scientists), you can post in the new BioGPS Room for real-time feedback.
  • Swag! BioGPS has a new mascot. (Well, three new mascots…) Genuine BioGPS-branded promotional materials will be sent liberally to whomever we think deserves it. Automatic qualification for the first person to send in a bug report, and the first person to send in a feature request we hadn’t previously thought of.
  • Latest usage stats! In the last month, 5400 visits and 3602 unique visitors called up 39,071 page views. So far, BioGPS has 295 total registered users, and 230 custom gene report layouts were created by 123 users…

That’s all for now. More on all these items soon…

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