Welcome to the BioGPS Blog. Why are we here? Primarily to keep our users up to date on our new gene portal, called BioGPS. We envision BioGPS to be the first gene portal that is specifically targeted toward harnessing the Long Tail. We’re really excited about the potential of BioGPS to change the way we as biologists go about annotating the genome. Plenty to come on this topic in future posts, so I won’t steal our own thunder…

Other than that, we reserve the right to ramble on a variety of topics that relate to “Web 2.0”, bioinformatics, or anything scientific.


  1. Is it possible to download a whole-genome dataset of gene expression, as it was possible in SymAtlas?
    In particular, your exon arrays data?
    I did not found such option in BioGPS.
    Thank you in advance.

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